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Free is always nice. There are a few companies offering free books when you send in UPC labels from their products. So, while it requires a small amount of work, free is usually worth it! There’s even one offer through Sunny D where you can help your child’s class earn a set of 20 books – just by sending in UPC labels! Most of these offers are “while supplies last”, so if you’re interested, move quickly! Many of these items you might have on hand (at home) – so you can start asking for your free books right away! Check out the offers and start sending in for your free books – happy reading!

Help your child earn 20 free books for your classroom – by sending in Sunny D labels!

Free book from Zyrtec – something we always have on hand at my house!

Free book when you submit a PediaSure UPC

There was one more book available from Lysol, but it has expired. If it becomes active again, I’ll let you know!