I am SUPER excited about this new movie – Where the Wild Things Are. This is a classic children’s book, one sure to be a joy for the entire family. If you haven’t heard of the author, Maurice Sendak, or the book…I highly suggest you try to find it from your local library. This would be a great opportunity to compare and contrast the book and movie with elementary school aged children. Here’s a little information about the story:

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is about a little boy
named Max who misbehaves and is sent to his room by
his mother, without his supper. While Max is alone in
his room, his imagination takes him far, far away to a
land where wild things live. These large, strange looking
creatures are tamed by Max, who stares
directly into their yellow eyes and becomes king of the
wild things. Soon Max grows tired of being in the land
of the wild things and longs to return home “where
someone loved him best of all.” The end of the story
finds Max back in his own bedroom, where his supper
is waiting for him.

The movie premiers October 16th. Be sure to check your local theater – many are offering opening day events, such as one of our local theaters, Premiere Cinemas at The Gadsden Mall. They’ll be hosting a Where the Wild Things Are celebration October 17th from 9:00-11:00am. They’ll have free games, activities and a reading of the original story leading up to a $5 showing of the first movie that day – sounds fun!

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