OIS Library Circulation Statistics Tuesday, Jan 12 2010 

In the picture above, you will see the circulation statistics for the Odenville Intermediate Library. The blue bars show monthly book check out for the 2008 school year (last year) while the red bars show THIS year’s number of checkouts (2009). We are VERY proud of the number of books circulating this year as compared to last year. What a wonderful improvement for a school of approximately 500 students. Yay!! This is truly a testament to our wonderful teachers and the never-ending support from our administration, allowing us to incorporate programs, contests and new titles in our collection… making the library an exciting place to be.

Reading ROCKS!


Rockin’ Reader – Reaching Readers Tuesday, Dec 8 2009 

If you haven’t read about our school’s partnership with Cracker Barrel through the Rockin’ Reader Program, you can read about it here. We are LOVING this program!!

I highly encourage any school who would like to participate to apply. The process is rather simple and the rewards are amazing! Parents, community members and school volunteers – this is DEFINITELY something you want to bring to your local school’s attention. I stumbled across it by accident – so it’s very possible that your school doesn’t know about the program! The online application can be found here. The only requirement? Submit the hours volunteers read to students twice a year – quick and simple. We’re LOVING it!! Thank you Cracker Barrell!!

Through Cracker Barrel’s Rockin’ Reader Program, partner schools will receive:
~2 double rockers
~Barrel Bookcase
~Assortment of books to start the program
~Volunteer resources

Our school has completed close to 25 volunteer hours. That’s parents and other community volunteers reading, one-on-one to and with students. I have set our yearly goal at a much higher number and am hopeful that we will reach it by the end of the 2009-2010 school year. We have an open door policy and we always welcome volunteers to come read with students.

If you would liek to read with students in our Rockin’ Reader Center, please contact me at jamie.champagne@sccboe.org or 205-629-2246 ext. 226. We would love to have you!

Thank you again to Cracker Barrel who has definitely enhanced our reading program here at OIS!!

Giveaway: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Wednesday, Nov 18 2009 

Have you read the article below about what boys like to read? Well, here is a PERFECT example…Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Totally Obsessed. Now THIS is non-fiction at its finest…it has gross, it has cool, it has shock factor, it has REAL! What boy wouldn’t love this…or girl for that matter…and we’re giving it away!

One reader will win a copy of Ripley’s Totally Obsessed. This library bound edition has over 30 pages of “you won’t believe your eyes” information. As Ripley’s states, “Be advised, inside these covers it is always EXTRAORDINARY…sometimes SCARY…frequently WEIRD”. Step into the world of Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

Want it? Have to have it?

Check out the Ripley’s website and tell me something cool you learned!

Extra Entries:
1. Leave a comment stating if you have ever read a Ripley’s book and WHY you want this one!
2. Subscribe to Reading Rocks – via feed or email.
3. Leave a comment on a non-giveaway post – and let me know you did!
4. Tell me a record you’d like to break!

That’s five chances to win! Be sure to leave a comment for each entry. Giveaway will end December 5th. The winner will be contacted via email. Please respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be choosen. If you are an OIS student, be sure to put your first name and last initial in your comment. Good luck and happy reading!

What Do Boys Want? NON-FICTION! Wednesday, Nov 18 2009 

Our school libraries will remain largely unused by boys if we don’t have what they genuinely want to read. There may well be many books in our libraries that will benefit boys, broadening their experience, helping them mature, widening their vocabulary, giving them confidence, and aiding the rest of their learning; books achieve such things not by their high literary quality – though some of them will have this – but by being read.

Our challenge is to value boys’ reading tastes, whatever they are; to feed demand for the popular; and to tempt boys by the very best.
We can never be confident that we know enough about which books boys want to see in their school library – or even more crucially, about which books would draw in those who never visit it. Our own guesswork is not good enough – we need to learn from the users. Talk to boys; if you are genuine about your need to know their reading tastes, they’ll respond to this: boys long for what’s real…the gross, the unexpected, the astonishing…the TRUTH. That’s why boys tend to lean more toward non-fiction. Now, don’t get me wrong. Each child is different. However, research shows that the vast majority of boys prefer non-fiction reading material. So why do boys, on average, tend to read less than girls? Think about the number of female educators we have. Females have reading habits far different from boys..and while never done purposely, female teachers do not always offer what appeals to male students in the area of reading. I have been guilty of this myself. What do you see women reading while waiting at the doctor’s office or on a plane? Fiction. Romance novels, mystery novels, etc. Men? Non-fiction. Time magazine, Sports magazines, newspapers… Eye opening, isn’t it?? Therefore, find non-fiction to put in your son’s hands…or that student who is a reluctant reader…and you might just have something.

Here are some frequent conclusions from surveys and experience;
Boys are more likely to read for a purpose, if they can see the point in it. What am I learning? What facts can I find? THIS is why boys often prefer non-fiction, books with photographs and captions…and “fun facts” books. These non-fiction interests can then spark an interest in the fiction books – sports, cars, animals, geography…Boys often crave the subject of the moment, and switch to new ones fast.

Magazines are a big hit with boys: Lego Club Magazine, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Ranger Rick…because…they have articles about REAL stuff!

So, think non-fiction when you’re trying to coax your son into reading…and if your son doesn’t require coaxing…then you’re one of the lucky ones!

Check out one of my favorite resources for boys, when it comes to reading: Guys Read. Bookmark it on your computer…you never know, you might learn something!

Best Book Blogs for Kids Wednesday, Oct 28 2009 


Looking for a creative way to get your children interested in reading? Maybe you need some ideas on the “in” books out on the market…or better yet, maybe you have a computer junkie who you want to move away from Internet games and toward more valuable web sites? Maybe you ARE a kid and you’re looking for new books to read. Well, check out the blogs listed below…these are specific to kids and the books they’re reading NOW. Hope you’ll find something you like! Let me know!

Books for Your Kids

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Curled Up With a Good Kids Book


Our First Giveaway: Books 1,2,3 & 4 of the Captain Underpants Series!! Wednesday, Sep 23 2009 

*************GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED***************

We are giving away the first, second, third AND fourth epic novel in The Adventures of Captain Underpants series!
I am so excited to announce our website’s first giveaway – yahoo!! We will be holding periodic giveaways throughout the course of the year, so you definitely want to stay tuned…you just never know when they might “pop up”! It’s always nice to get a free book – and here’s a chance to get 4 free books!!

If you haven’t heard of Captain Underpants, seriously…is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Captain Underpants?? 🙂 He is HILARIOUS! Author Dav Pilkey writes about the “greatest superhero in the history of elementary school – Captain Underpants! His true identity is SO secret, even HE doesn’t know who he is!”…and it is without a doubt, an action-packed, hilarious series!! I can’t keep these books in the library longer than five minutes – they’re always snatched up as soon as they’re returned!

If you’re a Captain Underpants fan, know someone who is, or think you MIGHT know someone who could be entertained by Captain Underpants…enter the contest! You just never know, YOU could be the big winner!

We are giving away the first, second, third AND fourth epic novel in The Adventures of Captain Underpants.

Anyone and everyone is invited to join in on the giveaway. Simply leave a comment telling me something you know about Captain Underpants…or something you would like to know! You can check out the author’s website here.

Please be sure to include an email address in your comments so I can contact you if you are the winner. If you are an OIS student, I will be glad to pass along the books at school…otherwise, I can send them via the mail.

Want extra entries? Leave a SEPARATE comment for each thing you do listed below:
1. Subscribe to Reading Rocks and VERIFY your subscription by clicking on the link in the upper left-hand corner. We’ll be posting great book reviews and educational reading tid-bits weekly.
2. Leave a comment on another blog post – besides this one!
3. In a comment, tell me your favorite book!
4. Tell me something you would like to see given away in a future giveaway.
5. Tell me who these books will be for if you’re the lucky winner – you? Your child? Etc…

The giveaway will end Thursday, October 1st. A winner will be announced soon after…

Have fun, good luck and happy reading!

Real Cowboys Read Books…at the Fall Bookfair! Sunday, Sep 13 2009 


Giddy on up to the fall book fair at OIS! Books Are Fun/Imagine Nation is hosting our annual fall book fair complete with your all time favorite classics, new releases and fab finds that are sure to grab your attention! A few of the series and other items you’ll find at the book fair include:

*Diary of a Wimpy Kid
*Star Wars
*Magic Tree House
*Cooking and Recipe Books
*Crafting Books
*Coloring Books
*Tech Girls
*Super Heroes
*$1 books
*Teaching and Learning Books
*Dragon Slayers Academy
*President Obama
*The Night Before… (Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, Summer Vacation, etc.)

…and many more! Shopping will take place throughout the week, September 14-18, as well as Thursday night – Family Reading Night! Make sure you join us to shop the book fair, visit the library and talk to staff from the Odenville Public Library about upcoming events. We can’t wait to see you there!

Mark your calendar as we celebrate the book fair this week:

Monday, September 14: Dress up as your favorite book character

Wednesday, September 16: Dress up in your best western attire
(Costume Contest Day – win a gift certificate from Tractor Supply!)

Friday, September 18: Wear your cowboy/cowgirl boots

Be sure to visit us throughout the week to see our western decor throughout the school, thanks to our wonderful volunteers! Classes are participating in a door decorating contest – you’re welcome to stop by, shop around and join in on the fun!